Little Apple Treats - Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, Guava Shrub

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For Fresh and Bright Cocktails and Mocktails! 

Our products

The common thread in all of our products is our deliciously tart apples, carefully grown on our farm in western Sonoma, California.

After harvest, the apples are divided into fruit for juicing, and fruit that will be dried.

From there, the juiced fruit becomes syrup or vinegar. Boiled down, the juice creates an apple juice syrup that we use in our caramels, infusing our candy with a deep, delicious apple flavor. Aged for a year in French oak wine barrels, the juice ferments into an apple cider vinegar that we use in our caramels and shrubs, giving each a perfectly balanced tart & sweet taste of our apples.

The dried apples become an essential ingredient in our baking and candy making. We finely grind a portion of Pink Pearl apples to sprinkle on top of our caramels,  while others are crushed lightly and incorporated into our granola, cookies, and modern mulling spices.

Year round, our products are made in small batches, ensuring that the product we ship is always fresh. Our commitment to producing high-quality treats has helped us win Good Food Awards for our Apple Cider Vinegar, Apple Cider Caramels with Rose Petals + Cocoa Nibs, Spiced Apple Pie Caramels, and Apple Cider Caramels with Toasted Almonds.

Our ingredients

As farmers ourselves, we are very conscious of the farms we support when purchasing ingredients. We base our purchasing decisions on the quality of the product and of the farm, ensuring that we’ve carefully vetted the producers and products before including them in our thoughtfully crafted treats.  

Here are some of the ingredients that we are proud to include in our products:

We purchase sustainably grown almonds, pecans, and walnuts purchased directly from Californian and Texan farmers. This ensures the nuts we use are from the current crop instead of old and possibly rancid nuts from previous seasons. Having a farm-direct relationship with our nut growers means that we have more transparency and quality control, unlike when ordering from overseas or through distributors.

The butter and cream we use comes from Clover Sonoma Farms, which means the cows were raised and milked on family dairies just a stone's throw away from our orchard in Sonoma County.

We buy organic oats grown in Utah and California for all of our granolas through Central Milling, an employee-owned and operated mill. We’re proud to support sustainable, domestic grain production.

When we make transparent, thoughtful choices in the ingredients that we source we’re able to provide not only a more delicious product for you but also one that we feel good about, through and through