Hand Sanitizer - 8 oz Gel Plastic Pump Bottle

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This is the FDA/CDC recipe for 70% denatured hand sanitizer. We do not recommend diluting this with any scents or lotion. It comes ready to use! Please note we produce both liquid and gel sanitizer. 

NOTE: We use ONLY the highest FOOD Grade Ethanol in producing our sanitizers in our FDA approved facility. If you have questions about the contents we are happy to provide a Data Sheet - request from info@griffodistillery.com

We have very limited vessels for distributing hand sanitizer. Please be patient with us if we've run out and check back as we are constantly restocking.

BULK INFORMATION: email orders to info@griffodistillery.com - 1 gallon jugs example of bulk pricing: 1 pallet ($46 per gallon at 192 gallons), 1 truck ($38 per gallon at 4,416 gallons), incremental pricing available upon request.

For large volume for first responder or institutions please email info@griffodistillery.com, we are here to help!

During the COVID-19 crisis, we will not be taking ANY returns. Please contact us at info@griffodistillery.com with any issues or concerns.