A silky grown up Creamsicle with a delicious punch of orange!


.5oz Heavy Cream 
 1 Egg White 
1oz Lemon Juice
 1.5oz Lemon Syrup 
 2oz Orange Soda  
How To Prepare
Combine Griffo Barreled Gin, heavy cream, egg white, 
Orgeat, and honey lemon syrup in cocktail shaker. 
Shake until frothy then strain  into high ball glass. 
Top with blood orange soda and a 
slice or fresh blood orange. Serve up.


Creamy with a punch of orange!

Serving Suggestions

Don't skip the garnish on this one, the slice of blood orange kicks up the wow-factor by 200%!


-Happy hours in the sunshine
-Hot summer cool-down
-Backyard barbecue


-High ball glass
-Cocktail Shaker
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