Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz Glass Amber Spray Bottle

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This is the WHO/CDC recipe for denatured liquid hand sanitizer. We do not recommend diluting this with any scents or lotion. It comes ready to use! Please note we produce both liquid and gel sanitizer. 

NOTE: We use ONLY the highest FOOD Grade Ethanol in producing our sanitizers in our FDA approved facility. If you have questions about the contents we are happy to provide a Data Sheet - request from info@griffodistillery.com

We have very limited vessels for distributing hand sanitizer. Please be patient with us if we've run out and check back as we are constantly restocking.

BULK INFORMATION: email orders to info@griffodistillery.com - 1 gallon jugs example of bulk pricing: 1 pallet ($46 per gallon at 192 gallons), 1 truck ($38 per gallon at 4,416 gallons), incremental pricing available upon request.

For large volume for first responder or institutions please email info@griffodistillery.com, we are here to help!

During the COVID-19 crisis, we will not be taking ANY returns. Please contact us at info@griffodistillery.com with any issues or concerns.

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