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Adventure Awaits,
Bring Us Along For The Ride!

Whole Lotta Sunshine

Griffo Vodka - Fresh Grapefruit Juice - Wildflower Syrup - Griffo Amaro

This drink is like running through a field of wildflowers into a citrus grove directly followed by a spontaneous splash in the Pacific Ocean. With uplifting grapefruit, light floral notes and the perfect touch of Amaro this balanced spritzer is sure to be a summertime (or literally anytime) favorite.

Like California in a can.

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Tomales Collins

Griffo Gin - Fresh Lemon Juice - Fresh Blood Orange Juice - Cardamom Clove Syrup

This is our spin on the classic Tom Collins, this refreshing, lightly sweet and sour drink was a crowd pleaser from the very beginning days at the distillery. Crafted with Griffo’s Scott Street Gin, fresh lemon, blood orange juice, and a dash of cardamom clove syrup. Now you don’t have to be at the distillery to enjoy this Griffo cocktail and taste a part of our Sonoma County story! (Bonus points if you enjoy it near Tomales Bay)

Californian's Buy with Next Day Delivery

What's in the can...

Hand crafted spirits
Fresh local juices
Small batch syrups.

That’s all.

Californian's Buy with Next Day Delivery

Enjoy from the can or over ice

10% of Profits Donated to Climate Action Organizations.  Click here to learn more >

Drink with Purpose

Griffo Distillery handcrafts award-winning spirits from start to finish in Petaluma, California. Throughout the pandemic, beautiful cocktails and our Northern California coastline lifted our spirits. We are excited to capture that feeling and share it with you in these beautiful, Ready to Drink cans.

Featuring syrups from FloraLuna Apothecary

Created by mixologist extraordinaire Danny Ojinaga


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