Environmental Stewardship

At Griffo Distillery we’ve always been mindful of our community and our environmental impact. So in addition to buying organic, local, and recycling, it means being more intentional throughout our entire spirit making process.


+Reducing food miles: we source local first, from our grains to our barrels which come from a cooperage in Napa

+Supporting organic farming: We buy exclusively organic grains except roasted barley (because there isn’t an organic option … yet); our corn comes from Brentwood and barley from Central Milling in Petaluma

+Recycled Process Water: all our cooling water is recycled through a custom-built cooling tower

+Spent Grains: Griffo sends spent grain out to local farms’ hogs and cattle (they love it!)

+Recaptured Rinse Water: instead of simply dumping rinse water down the drain (which would be a helluva lot easier) we apply special production methodologies to reduce usage overall, then push forward what’s left so it can be used by the animals with our spent grain


There’s a ton more ingenuity Griffo applies to doing our part … Swing by for a tour and we’ll show you!

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