Climate Action

At Griffo Distillery we believe deeply in ensuring that we are a part of leaving the earth better than we found it. That means each step of our spirit making process is thoughtfully managed.

Our fresh grains: We almost exclusively utilize local, organically grown grains. 

Our spent grains: After we distill, our spent grains are sent to local pig farmers. Those pigs just love our grain! And our kids love the bacon the farmers send back to us in thanks. Full circle baby.

Our water: We have carefully selected spirit production methodologies that reduce our dependence on water. We ferment on grain and distill on grain. This greatly reduces the amount of water needed for the entire process. 


10% of all profits from the sale of our canned cocktails goes to Climate Action organizations. The first donation will go to Sonoma Land Trust. "Since 1976, Sonoma Land Trust has protected nearly 56,000 acres of beautiful, productive and environmentally significant land in and around Sonoma County." 

There are many more ways we conserve and do our part. Come on by for a tour and we'll show you!