Delightfully rich and sweet, the Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is an easy crowd pleaser at your next event.


 2oz Cream Soda 
.5oz heavy cream 
 Vanilla- cherry bitters 
How To Prepare
This cocktail is constructed in layers. 
Begin by pouring 2oz Griffo Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur 
into a high ball glass.  Next, add 2oz of cream soda, 
top with heavy cream. Finish with a few drops of Cherry - Vanilla 
bitters and an Egbert's cherry


Rich espresso, cream, vanilla

Serving Suggestions

A slow, even pour will help keep each ingredient separate and create a beautiful, layered effect


-After-dinner aperitif
-Holiday parties
-Friday night wind-down


-Highball Glass
-Cocktail Shaker
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