Griffo Distillery's spin on the oh-so-popular Espresso Martini. Made with our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, the Espresso Chili Martini is a delightful combination of heat and sweet.


-Crushed coffee beans and 
chili powder for garnish 
How To Prepare
Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker over ice. 
Shake and strain into martini glass. 
Garnish with coffee beans and chili powder, serve up.


 -Sumac chili pepper

Serving Suggestions

Take a cold glass and rub orange peel on the rim. Serve "up" (no ice!)


While the Espresso Chili Martini is sure to be a crowd pleaser for at any event, we love these at large, late night socials where a little caffeine kick goes a long way and the easy prep of this cocktail will leave you free to mingle.


-Martini Glass
-Cocktail Shaker
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