Covid19 Response: Bulk and Personal Use Hand Sanitizer

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We are no longer using our craft spirits as the base for our hand sanitizer, we are now using a food grade spirit with a much more reasonable price. Check out the new pricing!

Also, Now offering one gallon Jugs in Liquid!

Hand sanitizer now available 3 ways:

  1. 6 oz of 160 proof alcohol distributed to at risk individuals and front line workers. Bring your own container. We will pay the alcohol taxes for you! Stay safe and thank you for your work.
  2. 8 oz bottle of 160 proof alcohol 
  3. 4 oz bottle of 160 proof alcohol for sale $6.95

Available Monday through Saturday 11-6pm

Drive up and honk!
Or text 415-261-3724
Or call 707-879-8755

For large volume for first  please email we are here to help!


Click here to buy hand sanitizer >>



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