The Persimmon Cosmo is a beautiful cocktail which highlights our Limited Release Persimmon Flavored Vodka . Delicate notes of hachiya persimmon are balanced with a bright, tart cranberry shrub, offset with subtle hints of honey and citrus. A refreshing, flavorful cocktail that is as pleasing on the eyes as on the palate.


 Dried Cranberry + Sugar
Orange Peel for Garnish
How To Prepare
Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice. 
 Shake and strain into rocks glass over fresh ice. 
Rim glass with sugar and dried cranberry. 
Garnish with Orange peel.


Hachiya persimmon, cranberry, lemon, orange

Serving Suggestions

Don't skip the rim on this one! A simple mix of dried cranberry and granulated sugar will punch up the wow-factor on this cocktail.


-Company holiday parties
-Cocktail hour with friends
-Late nights in The City
-Dinner parties


-Martini or Rocks glass
-Cocktail shaker
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