FloraLuna Cocktail Bitters-Cayenne Ginger

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Think of Phaedra Achor as an esoteric chef. She can take a single ingredient and turn it into something unfathomable, weaving unexpected flavors together in a heightened, sensorial experience.

Much like her blends, Phaedra speaks to the elemental appeal of botanicals and herbs poetically. A blender, a perfumer, a coastline forager, and a student of herbalism, she believes ingredient lists are not linear. They don’t express all the nuances and processes that go into fashioning a formula. Hers prove otherwise.

Inspired by old-world apothecaries and history’s alchemists, our creative alchemist honed her aesthetic by liberating antiquated 18th-century formulas. She is guided by her intuition for scent and blending and is the formulator behind every magical, handcrafted elixir. And because she believes sophistication lies in simplicity, Phaedra looks at ingredients as characters, each with a role to play, working to bring them together in harmony.